Health Info & Education

We encourage our patients to be active participants for their health and we seek to empower our patients with the tools and knowledge to improve their health by healthy lifestyle choices and sound healthcare decisions.

The following links to websites are pre-screened by our physicians and contain information that further explain or assist you in the management of your health problems or prevention of disease. Check these out:

American Academy of Family Physicians

Health information, tip of the day, disease information such as diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking cessation, etc

American Diabetes Association Patient Education

American Heart Association Patient Education

Information related to heart disease, cholesterol, and stroke and heart attack prevention

Center for Disease Control

For travel information, infection outbreaks, immunization recommendations for children and adults, and much more.

The National Institute of Health

For information about various health related topics. You will find the DASH diet here and good disease state information about management of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Focus on the Family

For advice related to parenting and family life.